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Mary Ellen and Dave Garwood

Mary Ellen graduated from the highly accredited Ohio Insitute of Photography & Technology in Dayton, Ohio, and has over fifteen years of professional experience in the industry. Besides portraiture, she also has extensive knowlege of digital imagery & photographic lab processes. Her images are regularly published in national advertising, magazines, and commercial websites.

Dave graduated from Malone College with a BA in Radio and TV Production and had over 14 years in corporate video before forming SkyLight Media. After five years of freelancing his video production services, he accepted a position with ABC6/FOX28 in Columbus, Ohio as a Commercial Producer. His work can now be seen on a daily basis in local commercial advertising.

That's what the owners of SkyLight Media want you to know about their professional background. However, we are more than our profession. It is important to us to be more than what our business cards might read. We are timeless creatures created in the image of God.
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